Cozy Fall Date Ideas

Young woman collecting apples in a basket.

Fall is a great time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and crisp air. It is also the perfect time to enjoy fun activities with your other half. If you have been looking for new date ideas, we have a few that would be perfect to try this fall. Grab your sweater and your significant other and get ready to take a stroll down lovers’ lane.


Spend a weekend out of the house and around nature when you go camping this fall. You can spend the day riding bikes, walking, or just enjoying the different colors around you.

Get Lost In A Corn Maze

Daytime dates are always fun, especially when a corn maze is involved. Take a trip down to your local corn maze and get lost with your significant other.

Visit A Nearby Town

Day trips to a new city can be refreshing if you have been itching for a change of scenery. Pick a place close enough to drive and explore the town and all it has to offer. You never know what you’ll find.

Go Apple Picking

Not only is apple picking a fun fall date idea, but it also gives you an excuse to take cheesy pictures with your other half. Once you get home, you can look back on the cute photos and bake an apple pie together with the goods you picked.

Take A Cooking Class

This is such a great idea for couples looking to step up their cooking game. You’ll have everyone at the table impressed by your holiday cooking skills after this date!

Have A Picnic

Enjoy a romantic picnic with your loved one this fall. Pack some cozy blankets and a basket of your favorite foods and enjoy the crisp outdoor air.

Enjoy A Fire

Whether the fire is indoors or outdoors, this will be a romantic date idea. Roast s’mores, enjoy hot chocolate, and cozy up and enjoy time together.

Take A Long Drive

Roll your windows down, turn on your favorite playlist, and cruise. Find a winding road and enjoy the beautiful scenery your town has to offer.

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Visit Your Local Farmers Market

Take a stroll around your local farmers market. Enjoy the smell of fresh flowers, the taste of new foods, and even get new ideas for a recipe.

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