Grab A Cup Of Coffee At Cream And Coffee!

Cream and Coffee

When you feel the need for caffeine, stop by Cream and Coffee, right here in Palestine. This local coffee shop is on Mallard Street and is open every day of the week except for Sundays. The menu at Cream & Coffee is truly extensive, offering dozens of ways to customize your beverage.

Get to Know the Coffee Shop

Cream and Coffee is much more than a coffee shop that prides itself on giving every customer a pleasant experience. Of course, you also get delicious coffee from the expertly trained baristas. On weekdays, Cream and Coffee is open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Saturdays, it is open from 7 a.m. to noon.

All the Coffee You Could Want

The menu at Cream and Coffee starts with all of the coffee beverages you could want, both hot and cold. Hot coffee drinks include cappuccinos, jamochaccinos, hot café mochas, Americanos, con pannas, espressos, hot brewed coffee, and hot café breves. Choosing your size is only the first step to customization.

Cream and Coffee lets you add espresso shots, flavor shots, half flavor shots, milk or milk substitute, steamed milk or milk substitute, whey protein, whip, and extra tea bags. There are 41 different choices for your flavor shots, seven of which are sugar-free! Yes, even diabetics and those looking to cut back on sugar can enjoy caramel, hazelnut, white chocolate, vanilla, Irish cream, chocolate, or toasted marshmallow flavors in their coffee.

Of course, you can also find the full range of iced coffee drinks, including frappes, café mochas, brewed coffee, café lattes, café breve, and Americanos.

Other Delicious Beverages

If you aren’t in the mood for coffee, you will still love Cream and Coffee’s offerings. The creamsicle is a real treat, featuring a vanilla cream base and your favorite flavored syrup. In addition to the creamsicle, iced non-coffee options include iced chai lattes, iced chai teas, Italian soda, fruit smoothies, and cremosas. The last of these is a refreshing Italian cream soda with your favorite flavor.

Want something warm that isn’t coffee? Try a hot tea, hot chai tea, hot apple cider, a chai latte, hot chocolate, or a steamer.

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Grab a Light Snack at the Same Time

When you’re at Cream and Coffee, don’t forget to grab something for later, too. The chocolate-covered espresso beans will give you a delicious pick-me-up later. Or you can snack on a biscotti or Umpqua Oats for a quick breakfast.

You don’t even need to get out of the comfort of your car to get your caffeine fix thanks to the efficient double drive-thru. This way, you can get your beverage of choice on your way to work or while running errands.

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