Dogwood Days Brunch Train

Dogwood Day Brunch Train

Are you ready for springtime in East Texas? The last bit of cold weather can feel like it’s dragging on. There’s something special you can look forward to when warmer days are here. You can experience the beautiful dogwoods of East Texas in a whole new way with the Dogwood Days Brunch Train. You and your friends will enjoy a beautiful train ride and a three-course meal from Texas State Railroad.

Brunch on the Rails

The Dogwood Days Brunch Train will leave at 1 p.m. on Sunday, March 24. Nothing goes together quite like Sundays and a luxurious brunch. This will be a delicious meal. With most tickets, you get a complimentary Champagne or sparkling cider toast to kick things off upon boarding.

See the Beauty of East Texas

You won’t just enjoy a meal during this 3-hour round-trip train ride. You’ll also be treated to gorgeous sights. You’ll encounter trees, scenic bridges, and creeks as you fly down the tracks. As you take in these beautiful sights, you’ll want to snuggle up to that special someone. It’s easy to get in the romantic spirit when you are treated to the best sights that East Texas has to offer.

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So Many Cars to Choose From

You can even choose where you want to ride on the train. Presidential, first class, and deluxe coach trains are all great choices. You’ll have first-rate service in all of these cars. The presidential cars even have their own private viewing platforms. If you’re interested in the views more than the brunch, consider the open-air coaches. While the Dogwood Brunch won’t be served, there will be a concession car accessible if you want to purchase refreshments. And with wooden bench seating and no windows on this car, you’ll have a chance to let the wind blow through your hair as you see the countryside.

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