Enjoy a Family Outing at Curious


Curious isn’t your normal Palestine museum. This science/art/technology museum is completely hands-on and based on San Francisco’s famous Exploratorium. It’s the perfect place to take the family for an outing, so get the details and make your plans. Then, you can get Curious this week.

Learn About Geometry

Geometry isn’t much fun, is it? Well, it turns out it is when you are at Curious. The Geometry exhibits are an excellent way to introduce the kids to math in a way that is exciting and fun. With Nature’s Geometry, your kids will learn about geometric shapes in nature. The Building with Geometry exhibit is also really cool. People solve 3D geometric problems using the provided shapes. If you’re sick of hearing your kids groan every time you talk about math, it’s time to load them into the car and drive them to this exhibit where they’ll see math in an entirely new way.

Do Some Tinkering

Your kids have so many great ideas – they just need to do a little tinkering to finetune all of those ideas. That’s where the Tinkering Lab can help. They can run various experiments to explore different ideas. Who knows, maybe your kids are just one visit away from becoming the next Thomas Edison.

Explore the Universe

The universe is vast, and it’s hard to explain it all to kids. Kids have a hard time understanding that we’re just a blip, and there is so much out there to explore. The Earth, Moon, Sun, and Planets exhibit makes it easier for kids to understand the solar system. They calculate distances between planets and learn how the various planets relate to one another. Then, there’s the Augmented Reality Sandbox. This cool exhibit lets kids change the topography of the earth. It’s so neat that you might want to try it yourself.

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Learn About Forces and Motion

Kids are constantly amazed about the world around them; that includes the way forces and motion work. Give your kids an inside investigate forces and motion at the various Forces and Motion exhibits. The Bernoulli Blower exhibit which teaches about aerodynamics in a fun way is one of the most popular.

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