Make Your Entryway A Sanitizing Station

Hanger with keys, face masks and cap

Washing your hands and fighting germs is extremely important nowadays. Bacteria can sneak up on you when you least expect it. Make sure your home is as clean as it can be and that you’re taking the best precautions you can to stay germ-free. Creating your own sanitizing station at home is easy, convenient, and will put your mind at ease. Leave all your germs at your door this year when you take a look at these tips for a clean home.

Choose A Location

If your home has multiple doors that you come in and out of, find one entryway that can be used as your sanitizing station. A side door or door that has the closest access to a sink would be the best bet. Make sure whatever area you choose has enough room so you will be able to store your essential sanitizing products.

Select Your Products

Once you choose your location to make your sanitizing station, you are now able to place your cleaning products in a spot that is convenient for you and your family. Simply placing hand sanitizer by your door will make cleaning your hands much easier when you get home. A wall-mounted shelf filled with handy cleaning supplies at easy access will help you get into a routine of cleanliness as well.

Keep Your Masks Clean

Now that masks are a part of your everyday routine, it is important to keep them in a safe area and of course, make sure they are getting washed. By simply hanging a pair of hooks by your door, you will not only keep your mask clean but also ensure they aren’t left somewhere where they can get dirty. Another handy tip would be to leave a small basket by the door to throw your dirty masks in. Simply wash the basket when it is time for a clean mask.

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Keep Your Shoes Safe

It is no secret that your shoes can bring unwanted germs and dirt into your home. By placing a boot tray or shoe mat near your door, you will not only keep your floors clean but also reduce the risk of spreading germs.

Stay safe and healthy this winter season with these tips!

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