Make Sure Your Lawn Is Ready For Fall!

Father and son raking leaves

When the season changes, so should you lawn care tactics. Many people are relieved when the weather starts to cool off because that means less lawn maintenance. There are a few steps you can take to make sure your lawn stays healthy in the colder months!

Fertilizing In The Fall

Making sure your lawn is adequately fertilized in the fall is an important step for thick, healthy grass in the spring. Your grass may not get as tall in the colder months, but it is still growing and the roots are still in need of nutrients. Opt for a fertilizer that will release vital nutrients over time, sometimes called a “winterizer.” Just as your grass still grows in the fall, so do weeds. Continue to remove or spray weeds, too.

Don’t Leave The Leaves

Piles of leaves prevent adequate air circulation and can cause the grass to die. Rake up leaves or use a mulching mower to chop the leaves into small pieces. Leaving chopped leaves is fine because they will decompose faster. Don’t wait until the last leaf falls to start raking. It will be an easier task if you rake every few days.

Get To Planting

Fall is the best time to have your lawn aerated to allow fertilizer, air, and water to reach those still-growing grassroots. When seeds are added into the aeration holes, they are protected from extreme cold and are able to germinate, ready to sprout up in the spring. Now is the perfect time to plan to aerate your lawn because it is best done early fall.

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Maintaining Equipment

After a long summer of hard work, your mower might not be in the best shape. Fall is the perfect time to get your lawnmower serviced. Waiting until spring can cause delays as shops get more crowded. Make sure to store other equipment like weedeaters, hedge trimmers, and even leftover fertilizers and sprays in a secure, dry area.

Fall lawn care can ensure an easier start to spring maintenance and a better-looking lawn all around!

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