Palestine Cruise Night at Whataburger

Palestine Cruise Night

Cars plus hamburgers equals a good time. Throw in a nice dose of conversation, and you have an event you don’t want to miss. That’s why you should check out the Cars of Palestine car club’s Cruise Night Meeting at Whataburger. This event takes place the third Saturday of every month from April until December, so the next meeting will be on Saturday, Oct. 21. It starts at 5 p.m. and lasts a few hours, giving everyone plenty of time to socialize. Bring your favorite car, along with a lawn chair. Then, set your lawn chair up and have some fun with other car enthusiasts.

The Car Club Behind Cruise Night

If you have yet to join the Cars of Palestine car club, you might not be familiar with this group. There are two important things to know about this group. First, each and every person in it loves cars. That isn’t just an expression. These folks are all about cars, both new and old.

The second thing you need to know is that this is just about the friendliest group of people you can find. They enjoy talking about cars just about as much as they love driving them, and it’s not uncommon to see the group immersed in friendly a conversation about their favorite cars. They’ve been doing this since 1986, when the group was formed. They have been talking for decades, and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

The group doesn’t just sit around and talk, though. They are a big part of the local community. They participate in local parades also travel to other places to participate in parades. The group helps people around Palestine find auto parts, and they have an annual car show each year.

They do some other good work for the community. Right now, they are running a Potties in the Park promotion to set up a restroom facility in Dogwood Park. This will make the park even more enjoyable.

If you aren’t a member of Cars of Palestine, now’s a great time to join. You can apply online or fill out and submit a paper application.

Now that you have cars on the mind, it’s time to bring up one more place that loves cars. It’s McLarty Toyota in Palestine, Texas, and it has just what you need in a new or pre-owned vehicle. Stop by and let us know what you want and need in a vehicle. We will match your needs up to a vehicle and let you take it around for a spin. Just don’t be surprised if you fall in love during the test drive.


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