Spend a Day on the Green at Wildcat Golf Course

Wildcat Golf Course

It’s starting to warm up a bit, which means it’s time to knock the dust off your golf clubs and hit the Wildcat Golf Course in Palestine. Formerly the Meadowbrook Country Club, this is a top choice for hitting the links around town. Get the details, load up your clubs, and get ready for a fun and challenging round of golf.

A True Community Course

This golf course is incredibly unique. Most golf courses are run by cities or private companies, but this one is run by the local school district, and the teachers and students keep it in tip-top shape. The amount of pride the district takes in this course is unbelievable. The teachers and students work hard to make sure visitors get the best golfing experience possible, so you are in for a treat when you visit. As an added bonus, the proceeds go back to the district, so you can golf for a good cause. See, now you have an excuse handy the next time your spouse asks you to stay at home instead of hitting the links. It’s for the children.

Challenging Fun

You don’t want to have easy access to the holes. But you also don’t want to hit the ball across a 20-acre lake. You want a balance so you can have fun while still using your skills. The Wildcat Golf Course manages to be challenging and fun at the same time. You will have to bring out various clubs to make it through the course, but you won’t have to worry about getting frustrated. This course is meant to be fun while offering enough of a challenge to make it interesting, and it delivers.

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Protecting the Greens

Keep in mind that the golf course closes if the temperature drops below 45 degrees. You might be a little frustrated if you go out there and get turned away, but keep in mind it’s all for a good reason. The greens won’t stay in good shape if people trample all over them in cold weather. By shutting down in cold weather, the course is able to offer top-notch greens at all times.

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