Plan A Staycation At The Redlands Hotel

Redlands Hotel

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s fun to get away for a bit. For those of you with children or who are bogged down with work, it’s always a good idea to get away for a few days to decompress and treat yourself. After all, if you’re not feeling you’re best, how can you perform well at work or give your children the care they need? We all need to take some time to feel pampered. Think about it – when is the last time you and your spouse got away for the night or for a weekend? If it takes you longer than a few seconds to think about it, it’s time for you to book a trip!

Whether you live in the Palestine, Texas area or not, it is a great place to visit. There are also hidden gems all around the city that you can take advantage of for the night or for a weekend. For instance, The Redlands Hotel is a great place for you and your spouse to unwind, enjoy a bit of room service, and simply relax. If you’re seeking more of an entertaining atmosphere, don’t worry. The Redlands Hotel has that too.

About the Hotel

The Redlands Hotel is located at 400 N Queen Street, Palestine, Texas 75801. The room rates range from $135 to $179 per night depending on rooms. They also offer two-bedroom and extended stay options. Its luxurious atmosphere and gives you a variety of amenities to enjoy in each room. Comfort is the goal and the hotel definitely provides!


When it comes to a great dining experience, you can enjoy the on-site Queen St. Grille restaurant which offers fine dining and is open for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. From steaks to seafood and even sushi, this restaurant features plenty of dishes that you and your spouse will enjoy. In addition to this, you can enjoy relaxing in your own hotel room with room service delivered straight to you.

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While you’re staying at The Redlands Hotel, take a moment to enjoy the area and look around. You might be surprised by what you’ll find. First of all, the Art Gallery at Redlands is not to be missed. Be sure to take a look at the gallery to view the impressive artwork on display. In addition to this, you can visit the Redlands Boutique on the first floor of the hotel. Here, you’ll find unique goodies and a mix of handmade bags, jewelry, and candles. Find a special gift for your loved ones at home and bring them back a surprise!

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