Get To Know The Texas State Railroad

Texas State Railroad

Texas State Railroad

All aboard! It’s time to take a trip back in time on the Texas State Railroad. Once you hop aboard, you’ll go on a 50-mile round trip to the depot in Rusk and back again. This trip is like no other you’ll ever experience, so book your trip and go back to the time when trains ruled the land.

The Experience

Vintage locomotives provide the power for the Texas State Railroad. Once you’re aboard, the train will take off, taking you through forests where you are likely to spot deer, rabbits, and more. You’ll also cross bridges, including one that is 35 feet tall. Just imagine looking down at the Piney Woods from that height.

While you can just kick back and see everything with your own eyes, the narration enhances the trip. You’ll learn about the railroad and the sights you see as it chugs along to its destination.

Other Trips

You can take a regular sightseeing trip on the Texas State Railroad, or you can go on a themed excursion. Themed excursions occur around the holiday season, ranging from pumpkin patch rides to the Polar Express trip.

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Choosing Your Car

You have lots of options for choosing your car. If you want the most affordable choice, go with the open-air coach. The coach has vintage wooden bench seats, and there are openings where the windows should be. The breeze comes in during the ride, so you can enjoy some fresh air with your ride.

Going with a group? The caboose is the way to go. It holds up to eight people, and it has oversized seats and outdoor viewing platforms. You even get appetizers and champagne when you book this car.

These are just a couple of your options. You can stay in deluxe coach, presidential class, or even ride between the conductor and engineer. Each seat offers a unique experience, so try them all.

Trains used to be the way people traveled from one location to the next. Now, though, cars, trucks, and SUVs have practically replaced trains. While it’s still fun to hitch a ride on the Texas State Railroad, you need something more practical for your daily travels and road trips. Head to Palestine Toyota in Palestine, Texas, and check out our huge inventory. You’ll find your next vehicle here.

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