How To Protect Your Car From The Summer Sun

Car in the sun

When summer arrives, it’s easy to remember to pack an extra bottle of sunscreen and drink plenty of water. You know that you can be affected by the summer heat, but we often forget that our cars can too. Here are five ways you can protect your car from the summer sun.

Wash Your Car

It might not seem like such a big deal but dirt and road grime can damage your car’s exterior. Washing your car can clean off pollution and road oils that will damage the paint. During the summer, wash your car’s exterior in a shady spot, rather than in the direct sunlight, and make sure to use a soap that is designed for cleaning cars. Never use dishwashing liquid or other harsh detergents.

Protect Your Car With a Good Wax

After you’ve washed your car, the next step is to apply quality wax to the exterior.  It may take some time to completely wax your vehicle, but you can use a buffing machine to speed up the task. Since waxing can protect your car from the elements, you won’t regret the extra time you spend completing this crucial step. Plus, it will also prevent grease and tar from building up on your exterior.

Condition Your Interior Surfaces

Just like the exterior, your interior needs to be protected from the sun’s rays. You can start by cleaning your car’s interior. Then apply a coating of protectant or conditioner that is designed for the interior materials in your vehicle. Conditioners and protectants can create a barrier between your car’s interior and the sun’s rays.

Install Protecting Devices

Whenever you can, you should park your car in the shade, under a carport, or in a garage. If you can’t, consider using protective devices instead. You can purchase a windshield sunshade to use whenever you have to park in the sun. Installing tinted windows can also reduce the damage of UV rays.

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Schedule Preventative Maintenance

During the summer, it is especially important to stay on top of your routine maintenance schedule. make sure all of your fluid levels are correct, especially your oil as your car is more prone to overheating in the summer. Check your filters to make sure they are ready for the increase in dust and pollen that comes with the summer. If you need any assistance completing your routine maintenance, schedule a maintenance appointment with Palestine Toyota’s service center.

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