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The Toyota Tacoma Is Unmatched

Black 2023 Toyota Tacoma parked on the street downtown at night
The 2023 Toyota Tacoma is an impressive mid-size pickup truck that offers unique features unmatched by the competition. This blog post will explore the unique competitive advantages of the 2023 Tacoma and explain why it's an excellent choice for drivers who want a reliable and powerful pickup at an affordable... [read more]

So What Is RPM Anyway?

Speedometer and tachometer RPM reading
If you've every read the spec sheet of a vehicle you're interested in purchasing, or listened to a gear head gush about their favorite vehicle the acronym "RPM" might have come up. So what does RPM mean and is it an important factor to consider while you're driving? Keep reading... [read more]

Horsepower Vs Torque And Why They Both Matter

car engine
When you set out to buy a new car, you might take a look at a lot of numbers about speed and power that are hard to decipher - it can be difficult to understand. But don't worry, you're not alone. That's why today we're going to address horsepower vs... [read more]

Your Wipers May Need Replacing

Autumn leaves on car windscreen.
Having up-to-date windshield wipers is a matter of safety. If you do not keep up with replacing your windshield wipers, you run the risk of being visually impaired during rain, snow, sleet, hail, dust, and insect swarms. If you are not sure if you should replace your windshield wipers, NAPA... [read more]

Tips For Washing Your Car In The Heat

man soaping his car. close-up hand drawing
Washing your car in the heat may seem like a good idea at first, but it can also create some problems. It’s essential to take care of yourself so you’re not sweltering under the sun by getting everything ready before you begin. Having everything in place means you’ll spend less... [read more]

Take A Look At The All-New 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross

blue Corolla Cross SUV on city street
The Corolla name has a long-standing reputation for reliability and convenience, and now Toyota has emblazoned it on a versatile new crossover SUV. Check out what the Corolla Cross has to offer for its 2022 debut. Surprising Space Despite its fun-sized stature, the Corolla Cross promises an abundance of interior space for... [read more]

Bring The Whole Family Along For The Ride In The Toyota Sienna

Toyota minivans in city setting
If you need to travel with family and friends, interior space is key, and the Toyota Sienna has much more to offer than its cavernous cabin. Let’s take a look at what the 2022 model can do for you. Room for the Whole Family With seating for up to eight people, the... [read more]

Take A Look At The 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Toyota Corolla Hybrid
The 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is here, and it is ready for you! This car is sure to get you where you need to go and make you look good on the way. Check out all there is to know about the new 2022 Toyota Corolla today! Performance This car has responsive handling and... [read more]

Clean Your Car Like A Pro With These Detailing Tips

Car polish
Having your car detailed can get expensive, but no one likes to commute in a dirty vehicle! Check out these DIY detailing tips so you can clean your car at home just like the professionals do! Interior Destink The Interior- Get yourself a can of Non-Smoke to neutralize nasty, old odors!... [read more]

Cold Weather Car Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Frozen windshield
Driving when it's cold out can be a frigid experience. Icy weather brings a plethora of complications that no driver wants to deal with. Check out these preventative measures that you can take to be more proactive about winter driving. Windshield Tips Chalk Board Eraser: Use one of these old-school tools to... [read more]